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Pharmasist Ethics

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Anthony Belica
Alan Tomhave
Professional Ethics

There are professions out there that the right of the professional to make decisions for the client, with absolute power, is a very good thing. A doctor’s right to decide what medication to give and not to give can save a life. This is where a pharmacist comes in. Giving the wrong prescription could kill someone. Pharmacists are the second part of the process of getting medication. Their extensive knowledge about medicine gives them the ability and right to not fill a doctor prescribed medication because it might counter act with the patient. This is a perfect example of their right to object. I do not think that they have the right to conscientiously object to filling a prescription on any other grounds. I will go into detail on arguments why they shouldn’t be allowed to object because of any other reason. Then I will also discuss why some believe that they can refuse for any reason.
      My argument is simply this, if you have personal problems with people taking certain medication, like birth control, then you should not become a person who will be put in the position to have to give that medication out. There is no problem for pharmacist to have a belief system, which is their right as an American. But as a pharmacist you can’t let it get in the way of your profession. There are just some careers out there that you have to be able to put your personal beliefs aside and do your job. Try to think of it in an objective way. What if there was a girl raped. The basic thing to do after a rape is to take the day after pill. What if the pharmacist refused to give her the medication? Is it the woman’s responsibility to raise a child she did not want? This is just one many problems that might arise if a pharmacist cannot put his beliefs aside and do his job.
      Pharmacists have a duty to patients. When someone comes to them with a doctor prescribed medication it is a pretty safe assumption that they need that...


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