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Educational System of Lilliput - Satirical, Utopian and Nightmarish Aspects

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Educational system of Lilliput
Which of the ideas are satirical (critical of contemporary) aspects (18th century), utopian and nightmarish?

In Lilliput the parents are not allowed to educate their children, because the Lilliputians think that the parents cannot be trusted to educate their own children. They think that they do not give birth to a child because of love, but because the desire of love.
This shows that Jonathan Swift thinks negative about humans. In this paragraph he compares humans to other animals. ( satirical)
The nurses are not permitted to tell the girls foolish stories or jokes. Otherwise they are highly punished. In this case they are whipped three times about the city in public, imprisoned for a year and banished for the whole life to the most desolate part of the country.
This point is very cruel ( nightmarish) and shows that Jonathan Swift wants women to be good educated. He declares telling foolish stories or jokes to young girls to be false. ( satirical)
Every child has to go to a public school except children of cottagers and labourers. Parents have to pay fees. Richer people have to pay more fee than poorer parents. The meaner families have to pay their annual fee as low as possible and share something of their gettings for their child.
This point of the educational system of Lilliput is utopian, because in the 18th century they did not have public schools. Only children of rich families were educated.
Like it was in the 18th century boys are educated to learn the profession of their parents and the girls were educated to become a good wife.


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