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Many Ways to Say Hello

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Many ways to say hello.
  *    Afrikaans - Hallo (hello) pronounced Hu-llo
  * Amharic "tena yistelegn" is very formal. You can also say " Selam"
  * Islamic Greeting - السّلام عليكم (peace be upon you) pronounced Assalamou Alykoum
  * Albanian - Tungjatjeta pronounced To-ngyat-yeta it means have a long life or c'kemi (hi)
  * A'Leamona - bees-e-lees-e (good day) pronounced tehl-neye-doe
  * Arabic - صباح الخير (good morning)pronounced sabahou el kheir , مساء الخير (good evening) pronounced masaou el kheir : note that Kh-خ is pronounced from the back of the throat. mArHAbAN-مرحبا (Hello) pronounced Mar-ha-ban
  * Armenian - barev or parev
  * Austrian - Grüßgott (formal, pronounced gree'assgott)/ Servus (Informal, said See-ahh-vass, not like the Latin word)
  * Azerbaijani - salam (hello) pronounced Sa-lam
   * Bengla(bangladesh)- salam(religious way for muslims)
  * Bahamas – hello (formal), hi or heyello (informal), what you sayin', Buyh? (very informal - slang)
  * Basque - kaixo (pronounced kai-show), egun on (morning; pronounced egg-un own), gau on (night; pronounced gow own)
  * Bhutan - [kuzu-zangpo]
  * Bavarian and Austrian German - grüß Gott (pronounced gruess gott), servus (informal; also means "goodbye"; pronounced zair-voos)
  * Bengali — namaskar (In West Bengal, India)
  * Bremnian - koali (pronounced kowalee)
  * British Sign Language(BSL) - Dominant hand wave, from core to outside with the palm facing towards recipient as the hand moves bring it into a thumbs up gesture (Formal 'Hello') Give two thumbs up (Informal Literal Translation 'well?')
  * Bulgarian - zdravei, zdraveite (to many), zdrasti (informal), Dobro utro (morning), Dobar den (day), Dobar vecher (evening)
   BOSNIAN - Hej ? Hey
  * Burmese - mingalarba
  * Cambodian (Khmer)- Sua s'dei (informal), Jum Reap Sour (formal), good morning, Arun Sua s'dei, good afternoon Tivea Sua s'dei, good evening Sayoan Sua s'dei, good night Reatrey Sua s'dei,...


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