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Childhood Obesity in New Zealand

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Add more detail and elaborate more on each point instead of moving on to the next point so quickly.
Childhood Obesity in New Zealand
Activity Instructions  

The Critical Examination
Part A
Critically examine the existence of childhood obesity and consider the extent that it is, as often reported by the media, simply a matter of nutrition and physical inactivity?

Part B
Examine in detail how issues around children’s health and physical activity impact on New Zealand society.
The following is a framework that you may find useful for your critical examination.
  * An introduction that includes an outline of what you will be examining. It could also include any definitions or background information.
  * Say exactly what you are talking about, give definitions-BMI etc. What is considered an obese child? Use the BMI to help you explain this. Give some NZ statistics which prove that there is a problem of childhood obesity in NZ.
  * A section that outlines explains and examines the concept of childhood obesity, reasons (what are the reasons as to why we have fat kids-lack of exercise, poor food choices etc (often made by the parents as children don’t often have money), family background, socioeconomic status, genetics, nutrition, financial influences, media (targeting kids after school with ads on lollies, junk food etc), technology), influences, arguments, myths, consequences (what can happen or be a result of to children who are obese. Overweight children tend to have underlying health problems, poor social skills etc) and assumptions.
  * A critical examination that includes; the identification of any assumptions that exist, a range of perspectives or points of view, a discussion on why these views might exist, influences on the views, any similarities or points of agreement, any differences, examination of who is advantaged or disadvantaged by any of the views.
  * If you are fat, you are assumed that you are unfit. Being fat doesn’t...


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