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Web Designing / Developing : Overview

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Web Designing / Developing : Overview

Web Designers and are responsible for designing, developing, and managing web pages. They use web administration tools to provide secure access to the pages, and ensure that all the services and features are working correctly. Web designing requires high level of creative skills. 

Web designers will have knowledge of graphic design packages such as Fireworks or Photoshop in order to produce basic layout and manipulate images. Skills in cascading style sheets (CSS), e-commerce and server side technologies, such as PHP and Perl, and internet security are also important. An individuals eye for design and ability to follow each project closely along with programming and graphic skills can be entry points into this area.
What Do Web Designers Do ?

Web Designers/Developers design/develop new websites. They work in close relationship with the client to customize the web site according to the clients needs. They also need to update existing customer websites and help customers update their websites. In addition to this they also set up web hosting for new sites and set up email for customers. Web designers/developers are also responsible for managing domain and DNS services. Depending on skills and talents, this job may include more programming, design, technical/server admin, 3D, or video work.
Essential Skills and Attributes

Essential skills include knowledge of graphic design, project management, human/computer interaction, writing and programming. Web Designers must have working knowledge of the following:
  * Macromedia Dreamweaver
  * Adobe Photoshop
  * HTML
  * CSS
  * DNS
  * SQL Server
The more advanced designers also work with Java, Access, Visual Basic, Php and Pearl scripts etc.
Employment / Career Prospects

Employers look for candidates with a degree in graphic arts and a portfolio of Web projects. However, some opine saying the field is too new for training to be truly relevant. Many web...


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