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Humans, All Theological?

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I will have to say that I believe that all human beings are telogical and share a common purpose as human beings.
After all, we were born to this world to achieve something and leave behind marks of our existence, no? We were all born to this world to prove to ourselves and other people that we are here for a reason, for a purpose.
The purpose of life is often mixed with a lot of conceptions from philosophy and religions. The purpose of life is also frequently interrelated to existence, happiness and consciousness.
What is the origin of life? Where did all of us come from? What is our purpose of being here? Who are we, without our names? Teleology, which is derived from Greek word ‘Telos’, holds that final causes exist in nature, meaning that design and purpose a   in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature.
The ultimate purpose of being a human in my thoughts is to survive and make the best out of our lives. I personally think that it does not matter whether you are English, Spanish, African, Chinese, Indian, Malay and etc. It is all about your passion for life and how much effort you are willing to put in to make a difference in your own life.  
All of us are so different yet so similar. We might have different visions and perspectives on life but in the end eventually, all of us want a live of bliss, health and happiness. Life is such a beautiful thing and all of us should feel really lucky and blessed to be able to be here to witness its perplexity and simplicity.
The purpose of life has long been speculated since the beginning of mankind. Everybody has a different view of life. Life could be a journey to a lot of people; Life could be pointless to some pessimists; Life could be just like a story or a film to some others. To me, life is more than all of those.
Everyone ought to have dreams and aspirations in their lives. I guess the only difference between each individual is how they take on their lives and how they carry...


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