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Every Member of Society Should Be Required Before the Age of 21 to Perform at Least 1 Year of Community or Government Service.

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Every member of society should be required before the age of 21 to perform at least 1 year of community or government service, such as in the Piece Corps, the military, a hospital, the Environmental Conservancy Corps, a rural or inner-city schools, or some equivalent organization.

It has been suggested that to improve communities of United States and to solve the problem of too few workers for government services such as Piece Corp or the military, or community services such as environmental groups or schools every member if society before age of 21 should be required to perform 1 year of service to these organizations. Many good things can come from the idea such as this. However, some unforeseen problems may crush some of our freedoms in the process.
Requiring one year government or community service would transform these organizations’ need from   having not enough help to being flooded with workers. This could bring about huge changes in the community by giving organizations a man power to fulfill their deeds. Society would benefit greatly from this program by having more role-models in schools, more helpers in clean-up crews for environmental groups, and extra help in hospitals so doctors and nurses can take care of those in need while the volunteers could do the more menial work. The United States would not be the only society to benefit from program like this. Piece Corp could send to countries in need around the globe more people to help natives of those countries to grow better crop and prevent disease.
Requiring one year of service could work as a job traINIG FOR SOME. They could find that they like working in these organizations and become eventually a permanent workers with a salary. It would also help students to decide what they enjoy doing in their lives and just have more time to think what major to choose and what career to pursue. They would have an extra year to ”experience the real world” before they choose the direction of their lives....


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