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Kitchen Tube vs Nuclear Power Station

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Kıtchen tube   is a a material which we can take advantage of in some ways such as,
cooking, steeping the tea   etc whereas nuclear power station is a project that while
some country can take advantage of as a weapon, some country can produce electric thanks
to nuclear. In fact, kitchen tube and nuclear power station do not have a lot in common
nevertheless like RTE (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) mentioned that both of them have risks
that include different from each other in all ways.

Kitchen tube and nuclear power may ironically have in common in some aspects. Firstly
some peaople argue that   kitchen tube and nuclear power have in common in respect to
risks both of which lead to casualities. Secondly, they assert that both nuclear
power and kitchen tube is detrimental to enviroment and both of them pollute the nature.

Some people sarcastically admit that kitchen tube and nuclear power could have risk,
most people concur that to compare with each other nuclear power station and kitchen tube
is engage in futile because their risks are different from each other. For instance,
seldom may a kitchen tube explode and lead to casualities but this circumstance
is aberrant, of course   does not influence in all public and could be prevented with
miscellaneous precautions. On the contrary, whatever issue associated with nuclear
power station could turn into an environmental disaster, thus the whole
human and alive population in the world could be effected because this nuclear disaster could
trigger the release of substantial amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.

  Any how a comparison relevant to nuclear power and kitchen tube seems pointless,
scientifically and cognitively discussing that topic is useful; For the reason that,
prime minister of a country have made that analogy in the primitve way. To sum up,
considering similarities and discrepancies of kitchen tube and nuclear power station
we must say that, both of them have risks but kitchen tube...


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