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Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

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Name: Marsha Gough
Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Science
Unit/Module: Interpersonal Communications

Academic Essay:

Communication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal
attempts to assist the other person understand what we are trying to
communicate. Yet it often fails.

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Term & Year: Term 1, 2011
Word Count: 2000

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Communication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal attempts to assist the other person to understand what we are trying to communicate. it can often fail. Communication is used in all parts of our life, having good communication skills will help us in our business and personal lives. If we lack these skills it can cause a lot of frustration for you and the people you are trying to communicate with. This essay will be discussing the communication process, barriers to effective communication also possible strategies to improve the communication process.
Communication is a process of sharing our ideas, thoughts and feelings with other people. When we communicate we speak, listen and observe. We can learn to improve the way we communicate by others giving us feedback also by being self aware of our own strengths and weaknesses in our communication.People need to communicate with each other and they communicate with lots of people in a day period. The relationships between these people and the person individually changes so there are lots of communication kinds and distances between these people and the...


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