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Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan conquered more territory than any other conqueror, and his successors established the largest contiguous empire in history. Even today his legacy continues in Asia, for without Genghis Khan there would not be a Mongolia. By the end of his life he held three times the amount of land the Romans did. He was born in 1162 and died in 1227 (aged 65). He lived a harsh life in poverty but was able to unit all the Mongol tribes into one. He is remembered as being a fierce leader with strict discipline. He was the man who brought law and order into Mongolian society. He gained the trust of all tribes; he was generous and would share the spoils of war, protect women and children, when other tribes would run and leave the women and children if they were going to be defeated, and a good strategist.

Rise to Power

Temujin was born in 1162 as the son of the chief of the Yakka Mongols. His father was poisoned when he was 10. Temujin was next in line to become chief. As he became chief the tribe turned its back on him and deserted him. He then lived harsh and lonely life, digging roots for food and only owning 7 sheep. He lived this way for three years until he talked from a former member of his tribe. He explained his military and political beliefs. They liked his ideas and more and more people began to listen to him. He used these audiences to form alliances and the alliances into armies. Temujin used strict discipline and tough training to mould a superior army. Temujin next wrote the first Mongol   code of laws called Yasa. These laws indicated that he must chose his officers by rank and achievement, not there family connections. This law also stated that all commandos must stay loyal to their leader or ruler. From then on Temujin had a goal to leave the world better than he found it. Temujin built up his armies taking people from all the tribes that he conquered using his army. He overtook neighbouring tribes until he had all of Mongolia. His...


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