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A Truth Undelivered

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Global warming is indisputably one of the most influential problems of current society1; however certain measures can be taken to prevent further damage to our planet, such as the use of photovoltaic technology2. A major contributing factor to the increasing global pollution is the release of potent, harmful chemicals as by-products of conventional energy production.3   Many of these chemicals are released by use of nonrenewable energy sources and have long-term negative global effects.4   However, there are many renewable energy sources that are widely available5, exhibit almost no bad effects6, and cause absolutely no disastrous results7. These sources, such as solar energy, are not as widely used as oil yet are starting to increase in popularity8 as well as grow under governmental supervision9.
      Earth is quickly becoming unhealthier and ever more toxic for life so long as harmful practices of energy production are being widely instituted. Many rely on cheap, quick energy without examining the downfalls. A common method of energy production is burning flammable liquids like crude oil10, which releases a number of destructive chemicals into the air including: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and ozone11. Such effects of these chemicals are the blocking out of the sun12, the deterioration of the stratospheric ozone, and global temperature change13. These various effects are very deadly and affect life on Earth greatly. All of these can be avoided, though, simply just by using renewable sources of energy.
      An increasingly popular renewable energy is the very rays of the sun, which provides nature with warmth and life. The sunlight in the United States in one day holds enough energy to power the entire country for two years at current consumption rate.14   This is a lot of fossil fuel that could be replaced if that energy was utilized. If we, as a global effort harness this energy, fossil fuels will no longer be a necessity, or even used for...


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