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Abortion - Essay 8

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Life begins in the womb; an unborn baby is still a human that has every right to have a chance to live. Abortions have had a big impact on society, with people defending both sides. Abortions are wrong; the abortion laws should be changed or limited. I believe abortions should not be allowed to be performed on just anyone who wants one. I believe that abortion is murder and there are many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Although I do believe there are certain circumstances where a woman should be allowed to have an abortion.  
Abortion is murder. Abortion is murder because, killing another human due to careless personal actions is wrong.   It should not be allowed for a woman to get an abortion because of irresponsibility. The laws on abortions should be changed to protect the innocent.   When a woman gets an abortion, she is taking the life of someone else. That makes that woman a cold hearted murderer. Murder is murder, in today’s society if a person kills another person with for no reason they go to jail. Irresponsible women who get abortions should also go to jail; it is not fair that they can take a life of somebody else without being punished. It is unfair for a woman to kill an innocent baby, who has done nothing wrong to not deserve a chance to live.   If people took responsibility for their actions and were not so cold-hearted, babies would not be killed daily.  
Secondly there are so many options to prevent a baby from being conceived. There are numerous options for birth control. Here in New Mexico, I know there are clinics that have condoms and other options of birth control for free.   There are methods for both men and women to prevent a life from being created.   There is also the “morning after pill,” which is a high dose of birth control that can be used after sex. It is not to be confused with the abortion pill; they are two completely different things. If people were responsible enough to use birth control this would not be a...


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