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tyrytry rtyry tryrytry 54y45y yrtyrt tyrty helping someone who has not had the opportunities or upbringing that I was blessed with.   I dislike people who make fun of others for what they lack.   “[A]lways having to be ‘somebody’,” puts stress on people who are made fun of and inhibits them from making something out of their lives. 3
When I state that I am passionate about being a good person, I am not saying that I want to be a perfect person or will never make mistakes.   I am as far from perfection as any normal human being is.   My reason for wanting to be a good person is that I feel a great excitement for helping others.   I do not want to do things just to make myself look good, but to get a feeling of accomplishment out of life. Like all passions, mine “don’t have to be entirely original.” 4   There are many people who have the same passion I do which is helpful when finding friends.     Sometimes our pilgrimages through life can be complicated and confusing and having a friend with the same passion can be helpful in a those bad situations. There will be many times when we will find ourselves stuck at a dead end road with nowhere to turn.   When I am lost or feel like I have nowhere to go it is nice to have someone there to remind me that I need to “follow your bliss and don’t be afraid.”   5
When I leave this earth that final day, I hope to have reached my bliss.   I would like people remember me as an all-around good person.   I would rather not be remembered by specific things I did throughout my life that made me a good person.   My passion to be a good person has shaped the way I perform tasks in the world today and will be a reason for the way I do things in my future.
Helping others has always been my passion- improving other’s lives through helping them find ways to improve both their health and their pocketbook, if they are willing to work step by step in a true partnership.


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