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Lord of the Flies - Essay 7

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Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding. This story is very nice and interesting because the protagonists of the situation are little children. This is very unusual, because it is impressing how this group of kids can live and organize themselves without the supervision of the adults. The narration starts with Ralph, who introduced to Piggy and by that conversation, I understood the reason why they were on that island. It was the period of the war and a transport plane carrying English children, unfortunately had been shot and the plane, made a safety landing and landed on this mysterious island. The two kids went and find the other children and than they decided to collaborate and organise themselves. A leader had been voted and that was Ralph, but just for few more votes in comparison with Jack, in fact from this moment Ralph and Jack heated each other. Anyway Jack was charged to be the boss of the hunters and even this was an important job. They started discovering the island and playing, having fun and enjoying the fact that they were lonely on that island. That’s why they didn’t cried to return home. They passed some days like this organizing themselves and knowing each other better.
The attitudes of the brood, change radically through the developing of the story, especially in chapter four, where many things happen.
At this point in the novel, the group of boys has lived on the island for some time. After that Ralph had been elected has chief, he became the leader of the group, but in my opinion, Ralph in chapter four, got to much security and so, he felt himself like the most important, intelligent and powerful boy of the group. That’s why he treats the other children in a badly manner. He got to much power, in fact everything he says, has to be done straight away and if someone disobeys him, that kid will be punished. Ralph acts like a dictator. I think he mounted his head up. There are many proves of the bad attitude that Ralph is having in chapter...


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