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Meaning of Life - Essay

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The essence of life is time. You cannot share your time with anyone else without sharing a part of your life with them. So we should all make sure that the time we spend with anyone will always be worth it.
Everything that has been happening around you, every shared experience, every joy , every sadness and basically all encounters are what we call life. We should never wait for something good to happen before we can conclude that there really is life. We should learn to fully appreciate every detail of everyday because they all form part of our entire existence.
Some people doesn't give importance to what is given to them. They take a lot of things for granted, thinking that they will always have those for life. We should remember that we only have one lifetime. Making the most out of what we have can make our living here on earth worth the while. People you have come to know during your entire journey are also part of you who are. They help mold you to become what you have become. They are part of your life. You should take care of them because, your journey had been better because of their presence.
Life for me starts during conception, followed by our growing up years. This is during these times that the true meaning and the real essence of life can be determined and experienced. Everything that had happened and those that are happening right now, and still those things are still about to happen also form part of it. Life can be compared into a dance too. The dance will go on and on until the music stops. All movements form the entire part of that dance, no exceptions. It is the same with life. No matter how bad the experience is, no matter ho difficult the situation you have been facing, it is and will always be part of being you and it forms part of your life.
The way you treat those different encounters and experiences determines how you live life. What we should remember is we are only given one chance to live our lives, no returns, no rewinds. What you...


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