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Creation, Life After Death. and the Meaning of Life

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Searching for the truth can be difficult in many situations.   If you are a parent, the truth can be difficult to discern.   If you have three children and something gets broken you may hear three different versions of what happened.   Growing up, I had a brother that was seventeen months younger and a sister that is five years younger than I am.
      All three of us grew up in the same household, but we all have different personalities.   We think and act differently, yet we grew up in a Christian home, and attended the same United Methodist church that I am a member of today.   If you ask any of us siblings who we believe in it will be God.   My sister and I have both repented of our sins and have asked God to forgive us and live in our hearts.   My brother on the other hand is different.   He knows the bible, but decides to live life his own way.
      If three children growing up in the same house can act, believe, and live differently, then how do we think the rest of the world will act and think?   Many people think they have the truth, yet they have changed their belief several times.   The bible has been the one constant.
      This paper will attempt to make the argument for Christian theism over atheism, and Buddhism.   The paper will discuss the creation of the universe and man, what happens to a person after death, and the meaning of life and human history.
      The creation of the world has been a hot topic for centuries.   The God of theism and the bible is many things.   God is infinite, personal, transcendent, omniscient, sovereign, and good (Sire 2009, p. 28-30).   God has always been and always will be.   God is the creator of everything.   When people think back to the beginning of time God was already here.   Genesis 1 talks about God creating the heavens and the earth.   This means that there is still more of His creation past what the human eye and telescopes can see.
      Pantheism or Buddhism believes that there is one infinite impersonal god.   It is...


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