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Manifest Destiny 1

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Billie Mahaney
Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny was used among the Americans in the 1840’s to expand the west. It is the belief that God had destined the U.S to a mission of American movement of Christianity and democracy.   They wanted to teach the Native Americans & other non-Europeans.   The two trails were the California trail and the Mormon tail. The Mormon trail was also known as Utah territory. These two trails can both be compared and contrasted by those who immigrated along them, what the reasons were for they’re travels and the difficult hardships they faced.
    The two trails I researched were the California and the Mormon trail. These two trails both have qualities about each that can be compared and contrasted.   One similarity between the two trails is the time that they were both created. Also, the people who traveled along them and why were also very different.   Both those traveling the two trails also faced many hardships along the journey, however some they faced were different that they others.   While the Californians faced clenching thirst due to high temperatures, the Mormons were dry of thirst due to the Barren land and no water at all.   Some were similar, such as death and how if affected the wagon trains.

    On February 4th, 1846 the first Mormons began their journey to the west.   They left from Nauvoo Illinois & traveled 1,032 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah.   Over 68,000 Mormons followed this trail.   The Mormon trail was continuously used from the year 1846 to 1869, twenty-three years! The trail was not a small narrow path, but a huge passage way. It changed depending on the river it followed, along with the grasslands and the terrain. It was also two-way road.   It followed part of the Ox-Box Trail, the Oregon and California Trails and into the Valley of the Great Salt Lake City. The Trail was not an original trail, it followed many Indian trails. Those traveling along the trail came across many Indians and fur...


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