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How to Handle Customer's Anger

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Imagine the following situation. Your manager is out of the office and you receive a phone call from an angry customer who is not satisfied with your services. Please describe your reaction and how would you handle with the current situation?

The situation is really challenging and requires utmost attention and correct steps to be overcome.

First I think it is really important to hear the customer’s claim very carefully in order to judge how big and real is the problem, what is its nature. Sometimes customers tend to exaggerate the real problem. When you have enough information about his/her complain you could easily find the most appropriate steps to solve it.

In my opinion, the most important in such situation is to show to the customer your full understanding of the problem and your willingness to eliminate it as soon as possible.

I experienced fortunately not much but similar situations in my practice working as a secretary or as a personal assistant and based on my experience I could mention below some of my ways of managing customer’s anger.

Every small detail in such situation is important but the most important for me is to smoothly convince him / her there is a fast solution and you really share and care about it and would do your best.

First my approach is depending on the fact male or female is the counterparty. Different sex requires different approach including different wording and even intonation.

If it is a female I will be much descriptive in how the problem will be solved, I’ll definitely share with her unpleasant situation with utmost personal care and attitude or in some words I’ll convince her in fast solution emotionally and promising her a smile in no time. Women love attention and to be promised.

If it is a male I will be very strict in my wording not wasting much time holding him on the line.   If it is a real big problem not...


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