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I Miss My School

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Good morning everyone! Today I’ll be making a presentation on the topic I’m sure most of you can relate to. At times I really wonder ‘’why we miss our school days the most?’’ As a child, we always look up to the elders around and profoundly wish to be like one of them as soon as possible. What we don’t realise then is that, that is the best phase of our lives where we are unaware of the real world which is ruthlessly challenging, demanding n arduous. Of course, the very fact that we are not expected to realise this then, makes it the best phase of our lives. I don’t know what exactly drives us to become like one of them-a grown up; because in my opinion the worst thing that ever happens to humans is that they grow up and school is the place where the process of growing up begins. Once we are out of school, it’s time to take the first big decision of our lives basically act like a grown up. Everyone from the neighbouring aunties n uncles n relatives begin pestering us with d one question-what next?   And mind you they are not always happy with our choices. Especially if u choose the humanities side. And then the next question-English honours kyun? Teacher banna hai?   Once you’re a grown up u have to and have to stick to a profession which gives you a big, fat salary and of course respect follows. But as a child you can change as many professions as you want. After that comes marriage and with marriage comes a swarm of responsibilities. So the questions never end; expectations never end; responsibilities never end, once u grow up. Now, thinking of all this, don’t you miss your school?   Remember your first day at school? The subject you hated the most?
School days, I believe are the most innocent and tender days of our lives because most of us back then were naive n gullible, didn’t have much experience of life. School was like second home. Thus, the feeling that we are sheltered n safe remains until one steps out and gets a taste of the real world outside home and...


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