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Natural disasters come in many forms: floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and landslides are but a few of the calamities that people endure. It is when nature comes into conflict with humans that catastrophe results. The response to these natural disasters has been to invest in early warning systems in order to protect lives and property, and to offer residents and businessmen advice on how best to survive the types of disasters that any one area is prone to. Fortunately, not all parts of the world are subject to every type of disaster, which means that people in any one area have to prepare only for those disasters which are likely to occur in their area. Such preparation can take the form of developing evacuation programs and finding ways to minimize damage both to people and livestock.

The primary objective of earthquake resistant design is to prevent building collapse during earthquakes thus minimizing the risk of death or injury to people in or around those buildings. Because damaging earthquakes are rare, economics dictate that damage to buildings is expected and acceptable provided collapse is avoided.
Earthquake forces are generated by the inertia of buildings as they dynamically respond to ground motion. The dynamic nature of the response makes earthquake loadings markedly different from other building loads.

Music acts an important role in our life. Some people cannot live without music because it could release and relax people's stress and mind. There are different using ways of music in our daily life. For instance, when being alone, you would need music to accompany you. As a survey indicates, you would feel more depressed and empty without music at this stituation.

There are two kinds of music, traditional music and international music that people normally heard everywhere nowadays. There are many types of international music, such as folk, jazz, gospel and sacred, popular music, country, classical, big...


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