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My Family Affair

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keep in mind, if you're reading this, for whatsoever rreason, keep in mind that basically i'm putting my whole life in words and that is not yummy.

Being brought up in a severely broken family, frying pans constantly turns into flying pans. food on the table would be our ever-changing wall paper, empty picture frames from the absence of a single family portrait. vulgarities? they were my mother tongue. We could never have a single decent meal together, in a civilised manner, without the sudden outburst of a conversation of swearing in an ever foreign language, insulting my budding ears, while my sister would be tugging at my hand, crying away in a cot.

My name is Leandra, and this is my family affair

in my life,   there is aplenty of regrets i've made in my humble 17years , 16years and 9months to be exact. being a state player in competitive squash, i quitted when my ranking just stayed stagnant. rhythmic gymnast since the age of 4, quitted when i just got too curvy after i hit puberty. DDUH. stopped plaing piano once theory became a pain in the ass. YES, i stopped in alot of things once i reached my comfort zone, where i constantly feel that everything is going to be mine forever from there on, without realising that without hardwork, determination and perseverance. i will not go anywhere but decelerate beyond where i started from, and from then on, the story of my life begins.


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