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Blood Types

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I myself needed blood transfusions when I was a baby.   My original due date was set for in January, I was born prematurely in September weighing in at 1 pound 10 ounces.   Doctors were shocked that I even survived; even if I were to survive the doctor told my parents my motor skills would never develop properly, and that I would never be capable of breathing on my own.   In my parents’ eyes I’m their miracle child that proved all the doctors wrong.   My parents had faith in me that I was a fighter and could make it.   I would have never made it through if it weren’t for the generous blood donors that helped me along the way.   I wish I could thank every donor who took their time to give blood.   My way of thanking them is doing my part and returning the favor.   Every chance I get I donate blood thinking that maybe it can a help a child as it helped me.   This is why it is so important to donate blood because you will never know if one child someday will need in order to save their life.

Saving Lives
Who would ever go through the process of having the pain of having a needle being jabbed into your arm?   Taking that pain for a short period of time but is well worth if it means saving a child’s life, as the American Red Cross reminds us:   “Three lives can be saved after just one donation of blood.” (2)
Blood donations are the essential for our health care system for the future.   Without the use of blood procedures our medical enhancement would never be where it is today.   Blood transfusions play a big part in saving lives, medical treatments, and possible life enhancing procedures.   In order to understand why it is so important to donate blood for children we will also need to know how the donating procedure works and why it is necessary.   To understand why blood transfusions are so necessary for children, we will need to know some diseases that require blood transfusions for treatments.   Once we cover the diseases that require blood transfusions we can then...


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