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Blood Transfusion

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Blood Transfusion |
Sebastião Nobre 8ELW |
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  1. What is blood transfusion?

Blood transfusion is a process of transfer blood from one person to another person’s circulatory system. In some occasions blood transfer can be a life-saving situation when a person has lost a lot of blood in a trauma or in a surgery. ‘Blood transfusions are very common but sometimes it can go wrong when it is not well done. During the process of a blood transfusion a needle is inserted in a blood vessel to put in some healthy blood. This procedure normally takes from 1 to 4 hours.’1 ‘People who suffer from certain diseases need to have blood transfusions frequently.’2  

  2. Under what circumstances do doctors suggest giving a blood transfusion to a patient?

Normally people need a blood transfusion when they have lost a lot of blood in a surgery.   ‘A person also may need a blood transfusion if he has an infection disease which stop your body from producing blood or if you have a illness that causes anemia or cancer.’1 A blood transfusion is also necessary   if a person has an accident and   loose a lot of blood.  
‘You may need a blood transfusion operation if:
  * Injury
  * Major surgery.
  * An illness that causes bleeding, such as a bleeding ulcer.
  * An illness that destroys blood cells, such as hemolytic anemia or thrombocytopenia.’3
  3. What problems might occur before, during and after a blood transfusion?
          Before you get a blood transfusion, your blood is tested to find out your blood type.
            And the blood you will get in the transfusion is tested and label to make sure it matches your blood type. To keep blood safe, blood banks carefully screen donated blood.

‘The main risk of a blood transfusion is to get the wrong blood type. But it is very rare to get it wrong. This only happens 1 out of 14,000 blood transfusions. For a safe blood transfusion some people bank some of their...


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