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Miracles Really Do Happen

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The ability for scientists to give humans and animals longer, healthier lives is not a vicious inhumane crime; it is a miracle.   Animal research is the key to preventing pain and suffering.   Vaccines inhibit children from becoming crippled and disfigured by infectious diseases while suffering in the shadows of death.   When speaking of the Diphtheria vaccine, The Research Defense Society states, “…Before vaccination for Diphtheria was developed…as many as one in ten people, mostly children, caught it and many died from suffocation, paralysis and heart failure.”   Before vaccines were created, farmers lived in fear of sickness infecting and killing entire herds of cattle.   Animal research now hinders the unnecessary loss of precious human and animal existence.  

  Research benefits humans and animals alike, because both beings are similar when it comes to the components of their bodies.   Many of the same treatments given to humans are the same treatments given to animals.   According to The Research Defense Society, “The human polio vaccine has been used to protect chimpanzees in the wild.”   Both species can now undergo pain free surgery caused by injury, or illnesses.   Transplants, tumor removal, blood transfusions, and joint replacement permit animals and humans to live vigorously.   By using new reproduction methods, species at risk of extinction are given new hope.   Without animal research there would be no life support machines to keep premature babies alive.   Brilliant scientists who are often thought of as ‘playing God’ give humans and animals a better chance for survival.   Unfortunately, it is unknown whether or not God intended for creatures to live in pain and suffering.

Through lack of understanding, many people feel that animal research should be stopped because too many lives are wasted.   Animal experimentation is similar to getting an education, even if the goal is not reached; the knowledge...


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