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A Miracle

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A miracle in my life
As I sat there lazing in the hot winter’s sun my mom was telling me of her experiences of
having her first baby. With our teacups in front of us we were having a great time. The cool
wind started to blow and I said to my mother “let’s get inside, I’ll light the bhukari” .  
“Alright” said she.
I was seven months pregnant and it was uncomfortable for me to move around. My husband
had already left for winter evaluation camp and mom had come to accompany me. That night
my mom looked at my bulging stomach and said, “It looks like your baby is going to come early and you are repeatedly going to toilet.   Are you ok?”                                                   “No, no I’m just fine” I said and shuffled off her old beliefs.  
  At 4 in the morning I felt wet between my thighs. It wasn’t time yet. I was scared and thought I was bleeding again! I had nearly lost my baby when I was just 3 months pregnant. But this time I was relieved to see that it wasn’t blood. It was water but I couldn’t say it burst because from what I heard it breaks which in my case did not break. It was a silent and slow flow. I waited until my mother was up at 7 am. As soon as she got up I told her that I thought maybe my water broke. Immediately she started getting things ready. I wasn’t prepared for a home birth. I wasn’t ready yet. My baby still had his last trimester to complete. Not knowing what to do, I sat there trying to get things straight. I felt like I was in a trance or something. I wanted to come out of this bad dream. I wanted my baby to be safe. It almost took me two hours to decide what to do.
As soon as the clock struck 9 we drove to the nearest hospital with friend of mine. I explained my condition to the doctor and he quickly sent me first for an ultrasound. The result showed that baby was fine. However Dr. Thukten said, “It’s best you go to Thimphu for your baby’s sake. He’s too early and he’ll have some complication with his lungs being...


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