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The Miracle Worker

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People have a skill on learning everything that is present around the world even when several of our sensory receptors are disabled, as long as there’s a person who will spend time, effort, and energy to communicate with us and help us to learn and to gain knowledge. In the book The Miracle Worker by William Gibson, tells about a special girl, Helen Keller, who is deaf and blind at the same time. It tackles about the amount of hard work, as well as patience that Annie Sullivan has to exercise before her pupil, Helen, who is able to free herself from her shell and find a way to communicate with the real world. Unlike Helen’s parents and relatives, The Keller’s, who waits for some event to pop up to end Helen’s tyrannical outburst, Annie Sullivan actively searches for methods and ways to free Helen from being handcuffed.

Every baby needs a teacher. Someone who will guide and teach them to talk and do all kinds of things a person can. It won’t learn anything if you just wait for some miracle to happen. Miracles happen to those people who actually exert effort and dedication. This illustrates the family of Helen, who didn’t try their best on teaching Helen to be able to live a normal life. The Keller family gives Helen anything she wants due to her disability and their pity, which unfortunately makes Helen’s life more miserable by keeping herself locked in her own world. Unfortunately, the Keller’s have given up hope on Helen, and decided to find someone to discipline and teach her. Having said that, one part on the book illustrated how unmannered Helen was. The scene where the Family was gathered around the table and everybody was eating their own food showed how The Keller’s was not able to do their jobs to discipline her. Helen suddenly grabs food from the table using her hand on every plate of each person. Thinking that giving Helen a treat to tame her after being bad to other people makes it more complicated. Helen, as a child, thinks that her action was being...


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