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Who was the historical Jesus?
It is not easy to explain about the historical Jesus existed or not, the person he was, what purpose / objective, he had if he existed. By The Histrical Jesus, written by Gerd Theissen and Merz, I will explain whether the historical Jesus existed or not. What is the agenda he had, who believed himself to be, and finally why he died.
To find out whether Jesus existed or not, may be compared to various historical sources. We have of course the four Gospels and Paul's letters that are older than the synoptic Gospels, but is the true (ie we can know what is the historical Jesus' words or words added by the tradition of the Christians). What's in these sources, compared with the non-biblical and other historical sources about Jesus.
Besides the above sources, there is a second source, New Testament apocrypha, the Apostolic Fathers, rabbinic texts, but biblical. The most interesting source in the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas are the sources, it contains only the words of Jesus. Some of the 114 words of Jesus have identical form with the canonical Gospels. Why this source is so interesting, is that some researchers have argued that in addition to the synoptic gospels, it has also been a so-called Q-source, which would contain the words of Jesus. When we found the Gospel of Thomas as they felt that supported the Q-source was, that it really existed since the Gospel of Thomas, had just the words of Jesus. This hypothetical Q-source would be Matt. and Luke. have used.
Saint Mark's Gospel is considered by many to be the first / oldest gospel as both Matthew and Luke have downloaded some stuff from. Criticism of the Gospel of Thomas is the dependent or independent of the Gospels, so it is hardly a proof that Jesus existed.
Of the non-biblical sources: Pliny the Younger, Tacitus, Suetonius and Josephus, that is the most interesting Jewish Antiquities Josephus (90 AD. Tendentious source). Josephus writes about "a wise man named Jesus who was...


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