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Trust Is the Life Blood of Mankind

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Trust is the is the Life Blood of Mankind

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring portraits a young hobbit named Frodo. After receiving a powerful ring from Bilbo Baggins that can control mankind, he has been sent on a journey to Mordor; a treacherous, and dangerous land guarded by Saron’s minions.
The ring has had previous owners one being, Gollum an evil creature, lurking in the deepest darkest cave, keeping it “precious” for many years. He became attached to it, fixated on it, consumed by its power, but it escaped him. This problem is also arising with Frodo. He has been drawn to its immaculate and luscious power, and cannot control his developing emotions towards it. Sam is accompanying Frodo, and is also best friends with him. Sam being an honest friend offers to carry the ring, because he sees his friend slowly become involuntary drawn to its power after using it. Frodo is untrusting of Sam, and refuses to hand over the ring. This questions why he was chosen to carry the ring in the first place.
Comparing Macbeth’s version of trust that was you cannot just trust anyone willing to do good things without getting to know them. This is shown by Duncan awarding Macbeth Thane of Cawdor with minute thought to the situation. I feel Bilbo Baggins as well as Gandalf the White acted too hastily when they found out the ring had the power to enslave mankind. This is learned by the play Macbeth, because Macbeth ends up betraying Duncan and all his friends after receiving Thane of Cawdor, this is because he is fixated on power. Frodo becomes attached, arrogant, and does not just betray his friends but
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himself. When Frodo reaches the fiery land of Mordor, he finds himself too emotionally attached to the ring to see it vanquished.
Wikileaks is a controversial organization leaking millions of classified documents for all the public to see. Like the documents can you really just believe everything they publish? Trusting a company or even...


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