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Green Roofs

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Green Roofs

Imagine walking in the city. Someone would expect grey buildings, crowds of people and all smothering civilization with almost no sign of natural life in sight. However, someone could walk up to the building and see beautiful flowers blossoming, hear birds chirping, and smell the wonderful scent of fresh roses from not only around the premises, but from also on top of the roof. This beautiful landscape would be the beginning of a new, clean, and healthier environment. If plants were to be grown on some of the rooftops in the city, then it would benefit people’s life economically and environmentally.
The process of growing plants on rooftops is called green roof. The history of Green Roof Technology states a lot of facts of green roof way before our time. Green roof started in Babylon in the 7th century B.C. Back then, green roof was known as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and it was a majestic structure built by King Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife Amyitis . In Scandinavia, roofs were covered with sod that was stripped from surrounding grass meadows. This was done to insulate homes. Also, back then green roofs were regarded as luxurious home amenities. In the same year, Professor Hans Luz, a German Landscape Architect, proposed the use of green roofs as a means of improving the quality of the urban environment . Also, prior to 1970, urban greening consisted of planting on pots on roofs, climbing vines for vertical faces of buildings, and underground garages covered with plants . In 1977, the creation of the FFL, a German landscape and landscape construction organization had started the formal study of green roof technology and its applications, and with that was said that this group is who we should thank for much of what we know about this technology today. Today, green roof technology is seen as an effective ecological approach towards urban design management. Green roofs would be very beneficial to the cities and to the citizenry.
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