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Cell Phones in Classrooms

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Can anyone remember the last time they had to go to the library to research, pick up the paper to read the news, or even workout to lose weight? Technology has taken our society and made it lazy.   I am only 17, but even I see the constant changes in my lifestyle because of technology.   There was a point in my life where I would wake up and walk down the stairs in the morning, go for a jog, come home read the paper, and call my grandfather and ask him how he was doing.   Now, I wake up flip open my laptop and search Facebook for half an hour looking through my “friend’s” social updates, then I take some vitamins and other pills, and text a few people. I lost interest in the important things because of technology, and of all the inventions the worst is the cell phone.   The current teenage generation has been brainwashed by this once innocent device.   Think about it: a generation of teenagers who are reliant on technology, who are more easily manipulated than any before it, and whose education system is flawed.   Cell phones have been planted into the lives of teenagers before they could prevent it. It is so bad they are used everywhere, at home, social outings, family events, and even schools.   What I do not understand is why schools allow cell phones in the classroom. Cell phones are detrimental to student’s learning, they promote laziness, distract focus, and lower intellect therefore they should not be permitted in classrooms. Whether students use them to cheat, need to contact people and are too lazy to do it the old fashion way, or get distracted by texting, cell phones negatively affect learning.
To begin with, cell phones are harmful to learning because students cheat on tests instead of taking the time to study and learn the material.   In a society where stress is high and 24 hours in a day is never enough to get everything done, people look for the easiest route out of everything they do. In result, if schools are giving students the opportunity to cheat, why...


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