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National Broadband Network

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The feature article, “Myths of the NBN” presents the implementation of the National Broadband Network has aroused much appraisal and debate in regards to its communal and financial benefits. In a procreative, sarcastic tone, the writer emphasises how unreliable and insufficient the “Top Ten Myths, behind Fibre Policy,” are, classifying the combination of damning written and visual evidence with a reflective but sardonic tone. In Contrast Peter Nicholson takes a very different approach to the issue through his visualisation of the National Broadband Network. This anti-NBN cartoon, supports the written piece by Terry McCrann titled “Broadband fairytale NBN’s latest chapter,” (published in the Herald Sun), in a cynical tone, he ridicules the unattainable proposals diminishing on the negative effects that the NBVN will cost Australia.  
The writer of the feature article, “Myths of the NBN”, begins by personalising the issue with his description, Australia’s biggest ever infrastructure project, requires better critiques than those coming from “economists such as Peter J Cox.” The writer’s step-by-step account, claiming Cox’s Myths “are themselves based on Myth’s,” this conveys its repetitiveness of faulty argument, leading the reader to reject them. Highly sarcastic language makes Stilgherrian’s piece of writing more moving. The writer’s description of Cox having “poor assumptions” and “technical misunderstandings” highlights the fact that Cox provides theory purely on the advice of mythology, showing limitations of his alterations. The lack of assurance conveyed in the above words, is reinforced by detailed descriptions of the National Broadband Network as “false logic”, “myths”, “history” and “nuisance”. The article’s constant emphasis on “Myths of the NBN,” is erratic hypothesis nature and an appeal to reader’s assurance is rightfully adapting to what is truth rather than fictional material built upon false resources.
In “Broadband fairytale NBN’s latest chapters”...


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