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History of Mobile Computing

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History of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing refers to using the devices such as laptops, mobile phones, pad’s, and tablet pc in a wireless network. Accompanying the vibrant growth in mobile communications includes the internet. (Helal 1999)   Mobile computing is the history of the entire think where they have been and where they are going sky is the limit
The laptop computer considered by most historians to be the first true portable computer was the Osborne 1. Adam Osborne, an ex-book publisher founded Osborne Computer and produced the Osborne 1 in 1981, a portable computer that weighed 24 pounds and cost $1795. The Osborne 1 came with a five-inch screen, modem port, two 5 1/4 floppy drives, a large collection of bundled software programs, and a battery pack. The short-lived computer company was never successful. . (Thornton2000)
From there we have the laptop of 1991 become the Apple released the first set of PowerBooks which used the ibm Ball mouse design. The cost was $2400.00. This is what it came with   Processor: Motorola 68030 running at 33 MHz, RAM: 4 MB onboard, can be expanded to 36 MB1], ROM: 1 MB, Hard disk: 240–500 MB, Floppy disk: 1.4 MB SuperDrive, Systems supported: System 7.1.1   Mac OS 7.6.1, Serial: Yes 1 Optional (used for this model's expansion portScreen: passive matrix, 2 bit grayscale 640x480.   . (Thornton2000)                                   port, Modem   Optional (used for this model's expansion portScreen: passive matrix, 2 bit grayscale 640x480.   . (Thornton2000)                                  
This is what the next ten years came up with IBM Think Pad T22 Came out in the fall of 2001 and came preinstalled with Windows 98se or XP. This is laptop has come a long way from the Osborne 1 or the apple power book 150. The speed is 100 times faster and can store more information and do a lot more things. The cost was around 1700.00 depending on options. 900 MHz Mobile Pentium III with Intel SpeedStep technology, 256MB RAM...


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