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The Beneficial Aspects of Computer Proficiency Amongst Students

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The Beneficial Aspects of Computer Proficiency Amongst Students  

Over the course of the past two decades, the rapid growth of technology has been astounding.   Gizmos and gadgets have evolved into our everyday lives causing us to become completely dependent on it.   Technology has also been incredibly beneficial and helpful, changing what was once impossible into incredibly practical.   Smart phones allow us to record our favorite television programs from hundreds of miles away.   iPod’s can store tens of thousands of songs from our favorite musical groups.   For good or for worse, technology is taking on a life of its own and is here to stay.
One of the most highly developed and utilized piece of technology is the computer.   Compared to how restricted they once were, computers are now “miracle machines” allowing us to accomplish virtually anything we want.   With the advancement of programs, we can make graphic presentations and access unlimited amounts of information with the click of the mouse.   Educators have taken advantage of the power of computers resulting in the need of computer literacy and proficiency amongst students.   The use of computers and the methods in which they are applied to students grows in every grade.   The most advanced methods and the fastest use of computers are found at the college level accounting from the knowledge accumulated by students throughout grade school.   At this point in an education, basic knowledge about computers is extremely vital to a student’s success.   Requiring students to demonstrate computer proficiency upon high school graduation will not only prove that they are ready for the rigorous work of a college education, it will also justify the massive investment into one area.
Having taken six different computer courses throughout my middle school and high school career, I feel more than comfortable with the work content at the college level.   The courses varied from typing skills to web page development, and even...


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