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Should Educational Institutions Actively Encourage Their Students to Choose Fields of Study That Will Prepare Them for Lucrative Careers?

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For monetary benefits or for pure interest? Many young pupils are faced
with this kind of question when they are choosing fields of study.
The answer, in my opinion, is far more than a simply either A or B.
The choice of the field of study, however, is based on a thorough consideration
from material benefits, to intellectual satisfaction . The educational
institutions should never actively encourage their students to choose fields of
study that will prepare them for lucrative careers.

Admittedly, monetary benefit is definitely a major consideration for most
people when they are choosing a field of study. It is perfectly understandable
people hold the wish that their intelligence, diligence, ability to cope
with career pressure and hard working will pay them back the house mortgages,
children rising-up funds,   travel funds and such. The incentive of hard working,
effective working and creative working will be sharply deteriorated
if some kind jobs lack corresponding material rewards.

However, as the Maslow's hierarchy of needs suggests, the demand for livelihood is the
very basic demand and human beings are supposed to pursue higher level
of satisfaction other than physical satisfaction coming from monetary rewards.
This theory offers proof that when choosing from fields of study students
should take other factors into consideration, their interest in that area of
study, their talents in that area, to name only a few. If a field of study will
generate a considerable amount of money for the person engaged in it, while
renders that person dull, tired, and unmotivated, due to his lack of interest
towards that kind of study, what is the point then? Only for high salary? Nothing
can compensate for the happiness and enjoyment lost in this kind
of lucrative careers, even with an attractive payment.

Besides, imagine if everyone starts out to pursue the lucrative careers, lawyers, dentists,
surgeons, to name a few. Then several decades...


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