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Road Less Travelled by Man

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Road less travelled by man
It was early morning during the summer term. The birds were singing, and the sun was bright orange. Who knew that these were my last days to hear the birds singing in Sunshine City? The answer to my question was sadly in the air.
Friday I went to school as usual. We were only left with three days to close for the summer holidays. I enjoyed that day even assembly which seemed to be boring and made me sleep all the time. We had our normal lessons, at break time everyone in my class came and formed a big circle. People started talking about scary stories and beliefs. I was surprised because this had never happened before. We played different games whilst we waited for the bell. I and my friend decided that we would go to the cinemas after school Maryanne was my bestfriend, she was always there for me in times of hardships, happiness and sadness.
At the end of the day I tried calling my uncle but his phone was switched off. I tried calling the other one, but nobody answered. All the kids were going home, whilst I and Maryanne just stood at the school gate like statues. We waited at the car park for about thirty minutes; Maryanne was the first one to see my uncle’s car. I was shocked because my uncle wasn’t there but there were two people in the car a young business class women and a huge giant man who looked like a doorman or a body guard. I began to shake like a sea weed as they came closer to us.Hie I said as if I was that confident, she replied in a nice sweet voice that I did not expect. She gave me her cell phone I had never seen such a cool portable phone like this one I almost dropped it. I said hello and my uncle was on the phone he told me to go home with that lady. Maryanne had to go home on her on and our deal was doomed.
We got my grand moms house at 4o, clock.We waited for a while at the gate until it was half past four that’s when we got inside. My grandma said she was happy to see me alive. When did I start to have...


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