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The biggest snow storm in decades had hit the village.   Although the school was buried in snow, the superintendent insisted that huskies always make it through the snow.   Mr. Bell knew this slogan was not true.   His students were not dogs (although he often complained about them acting like dogs), and he knew that many students would not show up.   He waited at his desk for the few high-schoolers who were able to dig themselves out of their houses.   The young faces of Jonah Lazarus, Alex Neill, and Eric Hirsch appeared in the doorway, not surprised by the empty classroom, but eager for the day’s discussion.   When the boys had greeted Mr. Bell and taken their seats, Mr. Bell asked, “Based on our recent educational discussions what should and/or can be changed about the educational system and this English classroom?”   After a moment’s hesitation the boys began to talk:
Alex: Students need to be free and happy.
Eric: Yes, I think we can agree that education should be for the benefit of the students and their own freedom and happiness.
Jonah: I think there should be no grades, no homework, no memorizing.   It takes away from the freedom.
Eric: No one would do anything without grades.
Jonah: But using grades to force students to do work is taking away their freedom.
Alex: Yeah, and can we agree that students learn much better when they are free?
Eric: But the education comes first.   Teachers have to give us that freedom through their methods of educating.
Jonah: But it’s that attitude, as if freedom is something that has to be given to students before they can be free, that takes away from the learning process.   Because when we still see teachers as having the power to either give us freedom or take it away, we cannot truly be free and happy, independent from the teacher.
Alex: So do we have freedom in this class?
Jonah: I think to an extent, but because this class is still part of the system, where we have grades and are forced to take this course, we don’t...


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