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Migration 18

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Since the very beginning, people have always tried to improve their living. Getting better jobs, better places for living, good education, but often we can’t find what we want near us.   Thats when migration comes in. There are several kinds of migration: labor migration, refugee migration and urbanization as well as voluntary involuntary. 2 Annually about 14% of the world’s population moves either within their country, or abroad for one reason or another. 1 For example in 1990 200,000 Soviet Jews moved to Israel due to their religion. There are always advantages of migration to both point of origin and the destination point, however there sometimes are more advantage to one side than the other.

Topic sentence Even thought many may assume that if people leave a country, it’s bad for it, however this assumption is wrong. Often people leaving their homeland due to search for a better job might do good to the country. While the people are leaving, they are opening job opportunities for other people and the unemployment rate is going down and so is the cost of welfare benefits. Since it’s usually males who leave the country, the birth rate goes down, however it’s not always a bad thing. If there are less people in the country the costs of   building things like schools goes down which makes it significantly easier for the country.   Sometimes, when the migrants come back, they bring new skills they learnt abroad which might bring further help for the development of the country. #27 For instance, between the years 1941- 1970 Spain and Italy provided a lot of migrants for the countries in the Northern part of Europe. But in the 1980’s, when the economy of the southern countries improved, many started coming back, and there was quite a large number of immigrants from North America taking the low paid jobs. This could suggest us, that while people left the country, it was easier for the government to improve it, and later many started coming back.

Topic sentence. In...


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