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Rural Migration in China

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Mass migration, from rural to urban areas has led to large changes in many aspects of life in China.

Construct an essay, which considers the possible economic, social and political benefits that result from this migration and the possible environmental challenges that stem from it.

Mass migration is an important socioeconomic phenomenon in China, the most populated country in the planet. The number of migrants moving from rural areas to big cities increases day by day, especially after the relaxation of the “Hokou” registration system. Which it no longer restricts the migration of the rural population to large metropolises, but it does restrict the access of rural migrant to public services such as public health and social services, to name a few. In the last decade, the Chinese government has become more aware of the situation, considering the migration dilemma as a priority. However, despite the creation of new laws and rules to protect rural migrants and promote the migration of the working force from rural areas to major cities, there are still, many challenges to face.

China is the third largest country in the word with a population of more than 1.300 million, of those, 268 million people have migrated from the countryside to urban areas (U116, Part 1, chapter 4, p. 39); the main reason to this is the search for new opportunities and escape from poverty. Rural workforce come from underdeveloped provinces and migrates to urban areas such as Beijing, Shanghai and surrounding areas. This has contributed to an increase in the gross domestic product in 16% in the last twenty years, which is one of the biggest benefits that mass migration. However migrants continue to be more vulnerable than the local population, as even though their income is considerably higher than of those who decide to stay in the country side, migrants face great difficulties, in terms of right, medical services, drastic changes in their lifestyles, relocation,...


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