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Positive and Negative Impacts of International Migration

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Positive and negative impacts of international migration
International migration is moving to a different country other entirely. International has many positive impacts on the receiving as well as some negatives too; however international migration can cause great imbalance and problems in their birth country.
The positives of international migration on the receiving are: an increased labour for, young people immigrate to find work, meaning the receiving country has more people to do jobs which in some cases are unwanted by the people of the country.   Also migrants bring new or specialised skills to the country, for example many UK doctor are migrants, the increased university prices in the UK may mean people cannot afford to train for specialised jobs that the country needs e.g. health services, so many migrants that are qualified can reduce the strain on the countries depleted work forces. This transfer of knowledge enables economic development for the receiving country. As well as increasing the workforce migrant workers pay taxes to the receiving country that help fund required services. The migrants can also bring social benefits to the receiving country, exchanges of cultures and ideas; this can significantly reduce the amount of racial prejudice in a given area, as people have a better understanding and acceptance of others with different values and beliefs. As well as positive impacts for the receiving country migration can also benefit the source country. Many workers migrate to other countries for better pay work; many migrants also send money back to their home country. This money is spent by the family on local services or taxes thus helping the economy of that country too.   The workers could earn more money in the receiving country, and when sent back could significantly improve his or her family‚Äôs standard of living.
However there are many negative impacts of international migration. The source country will lose labour force if a young people...


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