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Positive vs. Negative Teaching Techniques

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Ian Powers
April 11, 2013

Positive Vs. Negative Teaching Techniques

A classroom environment starts with the teacher.   Their ability to teach the curriculum depends mostly on what they are teaching.   On of the best teaching attribute is Some teachers use the classroom walls to display motivational posters; student-generated materials. A casual observer should realize what subject is taught in the classroom, just from what's on the wall.   Using a grade level vehicular, helps students approach the material from a much distinct and obtainable level of intelligence.   Allow the students to visually see their progress, and achievements throughout the course.   One of the bigger teaching habits is the “hands-on” Method; pay individual attention to every students needs, try to initiate conversation with each student.   Do personalized check-ups with them, on occasion.   A teacher who optimizes class time, like with active classroom; such as getting each student involved in a activity.   Make it a habit for repetitive due dates for assignments, and tests.   Don’t be repetitive on classroom activities as the environment could become stale. Spruce up the way content is conveyed to the students; whether it be taking notes, powerpoint presentation, or just drawing.   These variation is endless.   In-depth conversation; aiding so that when a student comes in to class, they know what to expect each day, versus ranting on and on.   Keep structure for the class.   Such as visual aids help to maintain a students interest in the material, as well as improve attention and motivation.   Notes are a death sentence to a child learning.


A category unlike positive or negative spawns up: Not all way a student learns is by how a teacher conveys across the material, but also how the presenter or professional looks, acts, etc.   Teachers that are conscious of their demeanor and physical presence towards students have greater success with those students. This...


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