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Sheri Gray
Donna Rial-Baker
Neurons Paper

Page 1 Neurons
In this paragraph I will be explaining how the neurons operate. There are about 1 trillion neurons throughout our body and they control our behavior. Also the neurons have a cell body which contains nucleus. Neurons are physicacally held in place by glial cells. Glial cells provide nourishment to neurons, it helps repair damage and helps support neural functioning. Neurons have a very distinctive feature which is the ability to communicate with other cells and transmit information across relatively long distances. A vast majority of neurons communicate only with other neurons in an elaborate information system that regulates behavior.
Neurons are like a gun they either fire which is transmits an electrical impulse along the axon or they don’t fire. There are no in between stages. The neurons follow no in-between stages. The neurons follow an all-or-none law which is either on or off. Before a neuron can be triggered it’s in the resting state which has a negative electrical charge of about 70 millivolts.
Why are Neurons referred to as basic elements of behavior?
The elements of behavior are because it controls our electrical impulses and controls your every thought, feel, and motion. It’s a very important piece of the understanding human behaviors. It also control’s our activity we accomplish. It also enables us to move, think, remember, and experience emotion all of these are very important components of human behavior (Feldman, 2009 p.114).
We have to learn how we operate before we can understand how important the neurons relate. Neurons receive messages from neurons, they extend from one end to cell bodies called dendrites, when the dendrites receive the message triggers electrical impulse, and it travels through
Page 2 Neurons
The cell body and also to the opposing side, which is where they have a slim tube extension called axons.
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