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Chinese Media and Women Audiences

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  Course Name:     Media Criticism

  Guiding Teacher:   Dr Christopher Howard

  Major:   journalism of broadcast and TV

  Name:     Xu Hongyuan (徐虹圆)



Key words································page3

The text of the paper·····················page3~8

Ⅰ、some examples for my criticism ··········page4
Ⅱ、analysis of causes ·························page5
    1. the causes from the media workers
    2. the causes from the women audiences
Ⅲ、some practical solutions····················page7


Works cited································page9

  Chinese Media and Women Audiences

                  —————the criticism of Chinese
                        media industry about females

    Abstract: completely different from the traditional media criticism, the feminist media criticism explains the sexual ideas by media from the angle of vision of the female standpoint and social sex, pointing out the close relationship between media and women.

  In China, booming media industry puts more attention on women issues, both the positive and negative reflect about the women issues. But without an improved ‘market economic value system’, most media misinterpret the true meaning of modern feminism by pleasing the public with claptrap and vulgar context with the intention of making big profits. While what’s following this profitable and commercial behavior is Chinese women audiences’ loyal and blind support. So when we criticize Chinese media industry about females, what this means is that both media workers and women audiences should be to blame for it. To be exact, in order to improve the development of Chinese media industry about females, both sides should contribute their share to it. Besides, some related sides can also contribute to the improvement.
    Key words: feminist media criticism, Chinese...


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