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Marketing for Small Construction Firms

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Stephen Kirk
CNST 626 Construction Processes
Fall 2010


Professional marketing has only recently been recognized as an important factor for business success in the construction industry. This paper will analyze the trends in construction enterprises and compare the organizational structures of construction industry and the factors inhibiting the development of specialized construction enterprises. With a shift towards partnering and the creation of long lasting relationships with clients, contractors may be able to add considerable value to their company through in-house marketing skills. There is still a lack of understanding of the true meaning of marketing and how it can be integrated with business and project planning in construction, rather than being used as a bolt-on promotional tool.   This marketing in the construction industry evidence supports the view that small and medium construction enterprises can benefit from a deeper understanding of marketing.
Keywords:   marketing, construction, meaning, business, project planning
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
      A.   Why Are You in Business
      B.   What Business Are You In
II. Marketing
      A.   Where Is Your Market
      B.   Advertising
      C.   Sales Strategy
      D.   Competition
III.   Planning the Work
IV.   Getting the Work Done
      A.   Personnel Requirements
      B.   Equipment Requirements
V.   Put Your Plan Into Dollars
      The recent economic downturn and tightening of the credit markets has been hard on the construction industry, especially small construction firms who have slowly started to dwindle because they are unable to cope with competition from established larger firms, making it essential for existing small construction firms to have a well-thought-out marketing plan and effective marketing strategies. Regardless of the economic conditions, construction marketing is always a hot topic. ...


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