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Rising Prices and Declining Country

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Rising Prices and Declining Country

          How to lead a smooth and carefree life in meager income is the question which every sensible and thinking Indian is asking these days. Everyone has to face the same situation but with no solution as day by day prices are increasing as high as the flames of fire which are out of reach of a common man. It has become very difficult for a common man to cope up with present situations if we observe minutely the unaffordable prices of commodities. Those with meagre income find it difficult to make available even the essential things of daily life. In this struggle they have to cut short off one or the other thing to be in their limits. People acquiring all the riches do not have great impact of rising prices but the people living in the condition of hand to mouth are now living in the adverse conditions .Some are not able to get a meal of two times a day even. Due to this situation poor are becoming poorer and rich are becoming richer. This has created a wide gap which seems impossible to be filled up. Vegetables, pulses, petrol, etc. the essential things of daily life are becoming dearer and are out of the reach of a common man. The families which could afford a few luxuries for their children are now able to afford only necessities.
We all are aware of the crisis being faced by all but unfortunately issue has not been discussed seriously. It can be ignored only at one’s peril as the problem of rising prices is eating out the country from within and has made it hollow from inside. Thus it is sure that the development of the country-plan seems to be on papers only. The problem of rising prices has taken the macro shape which can be controlled only with the sensible use of resources and strengthening of strategies. This is the hottest topic for discussion which demands a quick cure if we want to see our country on the path of progress.

Punam Miglani
Senior Lecturer
JCD (PG) College of Education


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