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Nature & Nurture(Ielts7Test1Task2)

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It is generally believed that some people are both with certain talents,for instance for sport or music ,and others are not .However,it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or a musician.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
In the real world,there indeed exists these people called genius .They are talented at some fields ,such as sport or music.However,some people consider that nurture plays the key role in individual's development,and any child can be cultivated to be a genius by postnatal efforts .Hence,whether child can be taught to be a talent is a controversial issue.
Undoubtedly,scientific evidences did prove that congential characteristics exert much influence upon one's development .Those people gifted at sport or music tend to be successful more easily and early than those not.Moreover,in fact,not everyone can do anything.Something is particular for some people to do.People like Beethoven is born with talents at music.He is a musical genius that could create splendid movements.And until now,no one can exceed him.Hence,from this angle,nature is more significant in individual's development.
Nevertheless,some people think that nurture contributes more to one's development.How many geniuses are there among those successful people .Most of successful people become successful through their postnatal efforts .Take Liu Xiang for example,who is the champion in the 110 metres hurdle race of 2008 Olympic Games.He is an Asian so he isn't born with a good physical condition which is helpful for track-and-field sports like people in Africa.However ,he won the match by his persiststance and endless efforts.Therefore,it is probable for any child to become a good sports person or a musician.
As fat as I am concerned,I believe that it is natural that nature and nurture are inextricably linked with each other .In the sports or musical area,innate talent is indeed crucial for people to be a good athlete or...


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