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F 451

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http://www.bookrags.com/notes/451/QUO.htm#7Faber knows that to bring society back to feeling and thinking, the role of the fireman must be destroyed. Somehow he and Montag hope to bring the establishment down. They decide to plant books in the homes of the firemen and to make them seem traitors to society so that they will be disbanded. How exactly to execute this plan, they aren't certain, but they're in it together. To keep up discreet communication between them, Faber gives Montag a seashell radio that will not only send out sound, but will also pick up sound so that he can hear what Montag hears and speak to Montag as well. With this communication link, Montag leaves Faber to go home. He has to get a book to take to Capt. Beatty at the fire station. Montag only hopes that Beatty didn't notice that the book he stole was a Bible because he's going to hand over another book so that a copy of the Bible can be made. If Beatty notices that Montag gives him the wrong book, the captain will know that Montag has more than one book, and that will be trouble.

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Montag goes home to find that Mildred has a few women over to watch the wall televisions. Above Faber's voice in his ear, Montag hears the women and their mindless chatter in the parlor. He can't stand it anymore, so he unplugs the walls. He talks to the women, and conversation about anything beyond the programs they were watching makes them unsettled. Montag feels outraged that they are so indifferent to the world. They don't care about their husbands or their children. They don't care that their government is preparing to wage war against another country. They only care about the characters in the television, and Montag absolutely cannot stomach their indifference any longer. In his rage, he brings a book into the room, and they are all shocked. Mildred tries to play it off as a firemen's job to prove how silly books are, and Faber tries to calm Montag so that he doesn't give himself...


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