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John Smith
English Comp I
Honda vs. Cadillac

My wife and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary this month, and I have suggested purchasing a new Honda Accord or a new Cadillac STS.   The new car will be a gift for the both of us.   Since I am currently not working, she will be paying for whichever car is selected.   However, she has asked me to help her with the decision.   When comparing the two cars, the advantages of purchasing the Honda Accord outweigh the advantages of purchasing the Cadillac STS.
The first aspect we examined of both cars was the styling, and we agreed the Honda Accord’s styling better.   The Accord is higher off the ground and shorter, more like my truck.   This makes me forget that I am driving a four door family car.   My wife says that this style is cooler looking for our age.   The Cadillac STS is lower and longer than the Accord.   This style reminds Erica, my wife, of driving a station wagon.   I did not prefer this style either because it seemed like I was driving my grandmother’s car.   So, the styling advantage goes to the Honda Accord.
When it comes to the cost of owning the vehicle, these two cars are extremely different.   The base price of the Accord is $19,500 while the base price of the STS is $38, 500 resulting in a price difference of $19,000.   We were both surprised by the high price of the STS.   I said to my wife, “Let’s just buy two Accords.”   Not only is the base price more expensive for the Cadillac STS, its required maintenance is also more costly.   In fact, it costs $2,800 more to perform the required maintenance on the STS in first 100,000 miles.   This figure was disappointing and shocking to us.   At this point, we started thinking of the Cadillac as if it were an enemy.   Now with price also favoring the Accord, we were almost ready to make our purchase.
The last feature we wanted to compare between the two cars before making our final selection was the interior.   Both of the cars were able to accommodate...


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