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Aviation-Crew Resource Management

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Crew resource management is a management criteria which involves making optimum use all available materials,equipment,procedures and persons to promote safety and enhance the efficiency of flight operations.Crew resource management (CRM) was originated from the NASA workshop in the year 1979 and its main aim was to improve air safety.The NASA researchers found that the main causes of the most of the aviation accidents was due to human error,and the major problems were lack of interpersonal communication,clear decision making in the cockpit and poor leadership during flight.The CRM concerned a wide range of skills,knowledge and attitudes including communications,problem solving,decision making,situational awareness and teamwork required to manage the flight within an organized aviation industry.Nowadays CRM training is a mandatory in aviation industry and has been started and developed by many aviation organization including major airlines and military aviation globally(Crew resource management).
The leaders can use the concepts of CRM effectively to promote safety in the cockpit by using the following skills.Firstly,make use of situational awareness.This involves conscious identifying of all the factors and conditions-operational,technical and human which mainly affects the safe operation of an aircraft.For situational awareness to be effective people in the cockpit must take in information through their five senses which
include;touch,hearing,smell,sight and taste and also sub-consciously.After taking in the information the information will be transformed by the brain into a mental model of the situation which will help the individual to identify the problem in time and take the necessary measures as soon as may be required to safety in the cockpit.Secondly,sharing of information and knowledge.Sharing of knowledge and information involves a situation where by one crew member informs other members what he/she has noticed in the the cockpit which...


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