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Hr Managers Competencies

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HR Managers Competencies Paper
Workshop II
Natalie White

University of Phoenix
HR 535
October 21, 2002
Elizabeth Stebbins
As the organization looks into the future they will be require to renew the investment in human resources and formulating new policies, new modalities of learning, and innovative motivational tools.   Further workplaces may require managers to rely on their peers and subordinates for their rewards, recognition, appraisal and training.   Moreover, employees in the 21st century may periodically have to backtrack their own careers, moving from expert back to novice, as they required developing new competencies.   Many believe that adaptation to these changes and movement into unfamiliar roles may take place more smoothly within a supportive team environment.

Preparing people for the future requires systems and procedures to align individual and organization objectives, communicate and consult with managers and professionals, develop them effectively, assess their potential and performance, give them feedback and help them plan and manage their careers.   Each of these activities has traditionally not been the responsibility of the HR department in some companies here and around the world.   Despite all the talk about strategic human resource management, however, most HR managers remain stuck in their administrative roles processing complaints and paperwork.

The increasingly dynamic nature of competition during the last two decades has made the improvements of organizational learning and the developments of more effective methods for managing, knowledge a crucial but predominant issue of contemporary organizations.   Knowledge is the only resource, which can only guarantee sustainable advantage.   Today, knowledge per se is not the power but the ability to use knowledge is recognized as power.
The challenges generated by "the New Information Revolution" have led to a redefinition of the information companies need. The...


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