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Brave New World, Blade Runner and Frankensteine

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Individuals who imaginatively challenge the values of their time do so due to their need to reaction against dominant social forces which, it taken to the extreme, threaten to destroy human reality, the human soul, the identity of humanity itself and its relationship with nature.
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is an early 19th century cautionary tale examining the dark, self-destructive side of human reality and human soul. It is written in the Romantic era where society greatly valued scientific and technological advancement. Throughout the novel, Shelley expresses her concerns of extreme danger when man abuses science and all ethical values are disregarded. The implications of controversial experimentation and hubris enthusiasm could evoke on humanity are explored in the novel. Likewise, Blade Runner, a sci-fi film directed by Ridley Scott in 1982 is a futuristic representation of Los Angeles in 2019. The film reflects its key concerns of its time, particularly the augmentation of globalization, commercialism and consumerism.
Although not necessarily mutual, the naïve character begins to intimately bond with the dominant persona as a result of the sense of security and assurance they experience. The dominant characters in the lives of Mary Shelley and Ridley Scott happen to be their respective fathers. However, at one stage both composers had found the relationship with their father’s become progressively weaker for one reason or another. The composers may have found this difficult to comprehend, especially at a young age. Inevitably, this may have lead to them questioning society’s conventional perception of the impregnable father and child relationship where in Frankenstein it is the tortured relationship between Victor and the Monster and in Blade Runner it is the feeble relationship between Tyrell and Roy.
This concept is exemplified through the continuous use of demining nomenclature. For instance, sarcasm is employed to express Victor’s tortured...


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